[[2D/3D Human Analysis]]

2D/3D Human Analysis

Human motion analysis or more generally looking at people is one of the most active research areas in computer vision. The general goals are to detect and track persons, recognize them and interpret their behaviour based on the visual analysis of images or videos. This topic has attracted great interest due to its promising applications in diverse areas such as access control, human computer interaction, smart rooms, visual surveillance, virtual reality, video conferencing and content based multimedia retrieval. Depending on the application, different aspects of a person (object, face, body) are analyzed. While typical surveillance applications treat a person as general object by considering only its global appearance and position in an environment, access control applications are using face and gait information to identify persons. Human computer interfaces and smart room applications are typically based on human gestures and expressions which requires an analysis of the body and the face of a person.

Related Topics

  • Face Detection and Tracking
  • Face Recognition and Analysis
  • Facial Animation and Modeling
  • Gesture Recognition
  • Body Tracking
  • Applications
    • Augmented Reality
      • Virtual Mirror


Face Databases

Title Modality URL
AT&T - Database of Faces, formely ORL Face Database Image http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/research/dtg/attarchive/facedatabase.html
BioId Face Database Image http://www.bioid.com/downloads/facedb/index.php
AR Database Image http://rvl1.ecn.purdue.edu/~aleix/aleix_face_DB.html
Yale Face Database Image http://cvc.yale.edu/projects/yalefaces/yalefaces.html
Yale Face Database B Image http://cvc.yale.edu/projects/yalefacesB/yalefacesB.html
Facial Expression and Emotion Database Image http://www.mmk.ei.tum.de/%7Ewaf/fgnet/feedtum.html
The Color Feret Database, USA Image http://face.nist.gov/colorferet/
PIE Database, CMU Image http://www.ri.cmu.edu/projects/project_418.html
Cohn-Kanade AU Coded Facial Expression Database Video http://vasc.ri.cmu.edu/idb/html/face/facial_expression/index.html
MIT-CBCL Face Recognition Database Image http://cbcl.mit.edu/software-datasets/heisele/facerecognition-database.html
Image Database of Facial Actions and Expressions Image http://mambo.ucsc.edu/psl/joehager/images.html
Face Recognition Data, University of Essex, UK Image http://cswww.essex.ac.uk/mv/allfaces/index.html
Georgia TechFace Database Image http://www.anefian.com/face_reco.htm
Face Video Database of the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics Video http://vdb.kyb.tuebingen.mpg.de/

Body and Gesture Analysis Databases

Title Modality URL
Dynamic Hand and Gesture Database Video http://www.idiap.ch/resources/gestures/index.php
Dynamic Posture Database Video http://www.idiap.ch/resources/gestures/index.php
German Fingerspelling Database Video http://www-i6.informatik.rwthaachen.de/~dreuw/fingerspelling.php
Gesture Recognition Database Image http://www-prima.inrialpes.fr/FGnet/data/12-MoeslundGesture/database.html
Peipa Hand Tracking Database Video http://www.idiap.ch/resources/gestures/data/ht_peipa.tar.gz
Pointing 2004 Gesture Recognition Dataset Image,Video http://wwwprima.inrialpes.fr/Pointing04/datasets.html
Static Hand Gesture Database Image http://www.idiap.ch/resources/gestures/data/shp_triesch.tar.gz
Static Hand Gesture Database 2 Image http://www.idiap.ch/resources/gestures/data/BochumGestures1998.tar.gz
Static Hand Posture Database Image http://www.idiap.ch/resources/gestures/index.php
Two Handed Dataset Video http://www-prima.inrialpes.fr/FGnet/data/04-TwoHand/main.html
RWTHBOSTON-104 Database Video http://www-i6.informatik.rwthaachen.de/~dreuw/database-rwth-boston-104.php
AMI Corpus Multimedia http://corpus.amiproject.org/
M4 Meeting Corpus Multimedia http://www.idiap.ch/mmm/corpora/m4-corpus

VISNET II Databases

Title Modality Description Request
UPC Face Database Video Description Request this database
VISNET II Face Database Video Description Request this database
HHI Multiview Face Database Image Description Request this database
VISNET II Gesture Database Video Description Request this database
VISNET II 3D Object and 3D Faces Database Image and VRML Description Request this database
IPW Face Database Image and video Description Request this database
Polimi 3D Object and Face Database Image Link to database Request this database



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