Industrial Day

This successful Workshop took place in TILabís premises on May, the 20th, 2008. It was organized by TILab, with the collaboration of all the VISNET II partners.The event brought together people coming from industries, solution providers, integrators that work in the field of the Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) and VISNET II researchers, for exploring possible future directions of new technologies being developed inside the project from the perspective of industrial applications.

Two sessions took place, one dedicated to Video Surveillance and one to Virtual Collaboration, the two integration scenarios identified to guide the integration among the VISNET II Partners. Each session was shaped around an invited speech of a representative from the industry working in the field, a presentation of the related technologies being developed within VISNET II, and a panel session involving people from VISNET II and the industry. The challenges, analysis of the potential and success criteria of such technologies were addressed. For further information please visit the .

Industrial Day Industrial Day

Around 80 people attended the workshop. Besides VISNET II members, 16 companies and 4 universities have been represented:

European leading company in ICT consulting, operating in 20 countries
Company operating in the area of innovative use of digital media, providing technology transfer, support to definition of market strategies and selected implementation examples of critical technology components
Leading supplier of networking equipment and network management for the Internet. Products include routers, hubs, switches and virtual collaboration solutions
Italian SME active in the sector of professional video surveillance
Information Society Technologies innovation and research centre for Piedmontís public administrations
Company operating in the ICT market business areas, providing consultancy services and implementation of innovative software systems
Italian SME providing security, safety and surveillance systems
Worldwide provider of analog and digital two-way voice and data radio products and systems for conventional, shared and private applications
Italian company supplying the market with software and visualization systems that aim to improve the quality and effectiveness of the engineering, marketing, sales and multimedia communication processes
Consulting company assisting SMEs in the set up and management of network and information systems
Company working in the field of technological innovations, in the area of consumer electronics, with special attention being given to television sets, multimedia stations and video recorders
Spanish company doing research on space and neuroscience
The Boeing Company
Leading aerospace company and manufacturer of commercial jetliners and military aircraft
Company providing videoconferencing solutions based on the recently approved H.264/SVC (Scalable Video Coding) standard
Visual Tools
Leading Spanish company in digital video recording and transmission systems for the security industry
Italian telecom operator for private and business customer base

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