VISNET II Networked Audiovisual Media Technologies

VISNET II builds on the success and achievements of the VISNET NoE to continue the progress towards achieving the NoE mission of creating a sustainable world force in Networked Audiovisual (AV) Media Technologies. VISNET II is a network of excellence with a clear vision for integration, research and dissemination plans. The research activities within VISNET II will cover 3 major thematic areas related to networked 2D/3D AV systems and home platforms. These are:

  • Video Coding
  • Audiovisual Media Processing
  • Security

VISNET II brings together 12 leading European organisations in the field of Networked Audiovisual Media Technologies. The consortium consists of organisations known for their proven track record as well as both national and international reputations in audiovisual information technologies. VISNET II integrates a number of researchers who have made significant contributions to the advance of this field of technology through standardisation activities, international publications, conferences and workshops activities, patents as well as many other prestigious achievements. The 12 integrated organisations represent 7 European states spanning across a major part of Europe, thereby promising the efficient dissemination of resulting technological development and exploitation to larger communities.
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